Those of us at the Yard Games Coalition are always thinking of 2 things; yard games (duh), and hosting awesome new events. So even though it's -5 outside, that won't stop us from finding a way to keep you entertained. Because seriously, who wants to wait all winter to play yard games?

No one. No one, is the answer to that question.

The first and second Winter Opens were a hit. The 24 team event was sold out in a just about a month. We bring the same yard games you know and love, with a brand new format. With ample space and a familiar atmosphere, the Winter Open is the perfect way to forget you live in the frozen wasteland of upstate New York.

As details become available, we will share them both here and on our Facebook page. The 3rd annual winter open will happen in January of 2020. We are working hard to make it bigger and better as we so often do. If you are interested in signing up for the Winter Open, please fill out the form available and we will contact you as more information becomes available.

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