It all began in the summer of 2011 with twelve people a keg and four yard games. The Inaugural Yard Olympics wasn’t anything for the record books, but it was a perfect Saturday together with friends, playing games that everyone could play and more importantly, everyone could be competitive at.
The Yard Olympics became an annual tradition and accumulated quite the local cult following. The numbers rose to 12 teams and then 26, and then the sponsors came and the searches for the best new games ensued. The number of teams went to 48, with 20 teams on a waiting list and then 80 teams for three consecutive years. The event always selling out months in advance. Teams coming from all parts of the North East to compete and determine who has what it takes to be crowned Yard Olympics Champion.
Through it all, the getting together with friends, the atmosphere, the summer party feeling has never left. We pride ourselves on that. The local following has only increased, as has the reach and the distance people will travel.
We pride ourselves on finding and showing our competitors all of the best and newest yard games, and making sure that all the games are competitive for anyone.
The recent name change to “The Yard Games World Championship” is to establish the events legitimacy but also to pay the proper respect to the winning team, who needs a ton of both skill and luck to have their names immortalized on Lord Williams Cup.

Who’s ready for the party of the summer?!?

The event Saturday, July 14th at Deauville Island in Auburn, NY. As always the event is rain or shine. The cost is $95 per team and includes the tournament, a catered lunch, raffle, and event tshirts.

Sold out!

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