the Yard Games Coalition

 For over a decade the Yard Games Coalition has been holding tournaments in the Central New York area. During an afternoon playing games in 2010, an idea was created for an all encompassing yard game tournament/party in our own back yard. Even with only 6 teams participating, the team knew they had something. While our flagship event remains a party for many, other players have pushed us to create also create a competitive environment. Due to that push we have become far more focused, serious, and competitive.  

The next step has been pushing to become the face of yard games, as well as a positive force in the Central New York area. We have given away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes, as well as thousands in donations to various charities. To go along with our tournaments we have game and event reviews, tips, and more articles coming soon. Game rentals and both private and corporate event hosting has begun as well.

The YGC attempts to create the most fair, fun, and rewarding experience possible. We are always learning and growing and enjoy your feedback. Our growth and knowledge all hinges on the yard game community's involvement and support. Whether you play a yard game or two for the entire year, or are a hardcore player trying to hone you skills, we want to hear from you and hope to see you at an event this year.