Players stand opposite their team mates

The team that shoots second is considered to have the hammer. The hammer means that should the team that shot first reaches 21 first, the team with the hammer has a chance to tie the game (reach 21) or win the game (instant win) with a “last toss”. Games are played to exactly 21. If you go over you go back by the number of points you scored. Example - You have 19 and score a 3, you go back 3 points to 16.

Each turn will have a shooter and redirecter. Team A will shoot and the partner will redirect. Then team A’s partner will shoot.

Followed by team B and team B’s partner.


A redirected hit - Deflect or redirects thrown disc to hit any part of the goal - 1 point

A duece - A toss unassisted by your partner that hits the kan. - 2 points

A Bucket - A deflected or redirected thrown disc that lands inside the goal.This will almost always occur through the top of the goal, but may also occur if the disc is deflected into the slot opening. - 3 points

Instant win - the thrower lands the disc inside of the kan unassisted by their partner. A shot can enter through either the slot or the top of the kan.

The hammer does not receive a “last toss”

If an instant win exits through the top of the Kan or back out the slot, it counts as a duece and does NOT award a win. - 2 points

If a disc hits a kan directly and then is swat in, it is only 2 points.

Kanjam Rules.