Team mates stand together at the same board.

When tossing, players must stand behind the frontmost point of the board.

After tossing the first bag, it must land before the second bag can be tossed.

If a bag touches the ground, it must be removed from the board before the next shot.

Teams are allowed one re-rack per game, in which they can choose to have their covers moved to holes of their choice.

If a bag hits the ground before hitting the board it is removed, otherwise all bags on the board must remain until the end of the turn. If a second bag pushes a resting bag into the same hole it goes in, it is NOT game over. The hole is closed and both bags are returned to the shooter.

If a bag is made COMPLETELY through the a hole, the opponents should try to cover the hole as quickly as possible. This is the only time the board can be touched in the middle of a round. After both players have shot, all covers should be fixed and bags removed.

If both players successfully sink separate holes in one round, they are rewarded both bags back to shoot again.

If a hole that was covered becomes uncovered because of impact during a round it must remain that uncovered until the end of the round. If another bag goes through that same hole, it is now considered an open hole and must be closed out again.

If both players make the same hole in a single round, the game is instantly over with no redemption unless one of the bags was previously resting on the board.

A team wins by either an instant win or by making all holes before their opponent.

Once the final hole has been sunk, the losing team is allowed a chance at redemption.

This gives the losing team an opportunity to take the game to overtime by closing out their opponent’s remaining holes within one round.

Brubag Rules.