The Yard Game World Championships, or Yard Olympics is our flagship event and is currently in it's 8th year.  It is the premier yard game competition of the year. This year we will be featuring over 120 teams from all over New York State.  To create a competitive, yet friendly, we strive to find yard games that accommodate yard game fans from casual players to enthusiasts. As always we provide t-shirts, raffle prizes, and a catered lunch for all those enter. This year we will also have vendors, a DJ, and much more. This event has past.

Yard Olympics 8: The Yard Game World Championship sign-ups

Welcome to the Yard Games Coalition sign-up page. Below are the events we currently host. When you decide which events you would like to join, just follow the link provided. After payment is received, you will be directed to a page to enter all of your information. Thank you for all of your support!

The Winter Open is just an infant in terms of Yard Games Coalition events, but that doesn't mean to sleep on it. In it's first year it became the fastest selling event we have ever hosted. Here in Central NY people NEED something to do in the frigid winters, and in usual fashion we delivered. Details are still to come, but this event is definitely happening. Click the link below and show your interest!

The 2nd Annual Winter Open sign-ups

This is our first ever league. It will be held at one of our sponsors over at the Wildcat Sports Pub in Camillus, NY. It will be held on Sundays, starting September 9th and last for 6 weeks plus a final week for playoffs. Each team will play different yard games each Sunday. Only 16 total spots are available for the league so make sure you sign up ASAP. Click the link below to sign up for the league!

Yard Games Co. League sign-ups