Partners stand on the same side as each other.

Each turn rotates which partner shoots all 3 bags. You shoot, then opponent 1, then your partner, then opponent 2.

Game is played until all numbers are closed out, first person to close everything out wins.

The outer ring is worth 1 mark. The inner ring is worth 2 marks. A bullseye is a wild and can count for whatever spot you choose. You must close out a number exactly. If you have 2 marks and hit a double, it doesn't count. Once all numbers are closed, a bullseye must be hit to close out the game.

Rebuttals are available if the opponent closes everything out and you are down by 3 or less marks. Overtime is over is a sudden death round, first bullseye wins. 

If a bag is between 2 spaces, it counts for whatever spot it is in a majority. If a decision can not be made, it is a reshot.

Lawnch Rules.