Partners stand behind opposite ramps of each other.

Each turn has a shooter, a stealer, a catcher, and a bystander. The stealer is the person standing at the same ramp as the shooter.

The catcher is the shooter’s team mate. The bystander is the stealer’s team mate.

The shooter must shoot from behind the ramp. The stealer must stand with at least 1 foot lined up with the front of the ramp. The catcher must stand behind the opposing ramp. The bystander must stand far enough clear to not interfere with the catcher.

The team with the higher score shoots first. If scores are tied, the team that shot first the previous turn, retains first shot. The shooter shoots both balls before the opposing team. When shooting, the shooter must wait until the stealer is ready. As soon as the ball leaves the shooter’s hand, the stealer can begin to move. The stealer can never cross the front of the opposing ramp, the catcher can catch any where within the play area.

Every shot has 5 possible outcomes as follows:

-A single occurs when the ball bounces off the top of the ramp and the catcher catches the ball before it hits the ground.
-A triple occurs when the ball goes through the slot and touches the net. It STILL counts if the ball bounces back out.
-A steal occurs if the ball bounces off of any part of the ramp and the stealer catches it before it hits the ground. For each ball stolen, the stealer will then take an extra shot before the end of the round.
-A ball is dead if, and only if, a ball hits the ground at any time.
-A slapback is worth 2 points. When a ball bounces off the top of the ramp the catcher may attempt to slap the ball back to the shooter, instead of catching it. The slapback can only be caught by the shooter beyond his/her own ramp. The stealer may also attempt to catch the slapback no matter where it ends up. This may lead to contact, but it should only be while going for the ball.

You may not interfere with the shooter unless it is incidental contact.

A round is only over if all 4 balls are either considered dead, or scored with. A stolen ball CAN be stolen back before the end of a round.

Games are played to 15 points. A team must score exactly 15 points to win.

If a round ends tied at 15, the game goes to over time and is played to 21. If the round ends tied at 21, it goes to sudden death and play resumes until 1 team has a higher score at the end of a round.

Rampshot Rules.