Team Mates stand with their partner behind the sticks.

The team that shoots second is considered to have the hammer. The hammer means that should the team that shot first reaches 12 first, the team with the hammer has a chance to tie the game with a “last toss”.

Teams switch sides one time once a score of 6 is reached by either team.

Each player throws 1 disc per team. The first frisbee must be stopped and any bounced cups replaced before the second frisbee can throw.

Players must throw from behind the sticks

If a toss touches the ground, it can not score.


If a disc moves cleanly between the sticks the team scores 2 points. If both players send the discs clean through, the discs are sent back to the offense for another round. If a disc touches either pole or cup by any amount while passing through, not points are scored. The disc MUST pass through without touching anything, including the ground.

If a disc causes a cup to fall off a stick and touch the ground - 1 point

If a disc causes a cup to fall off a stick, the opposing team may catch the cup before it touches the ground, preventing a point from being scored.

If a defender causes a cup to fall off a stick while attempting to save another cup it is a point if it hits the ground.

A single disc MAY knock both cups off the sticks in a single toss.

Games are played to 12 points. Teams can go over 12 and continue to shoot any remaining discs INCLUDING any additional discs from double 2-pointers. If the opposing team has the hammer, they may attempt to tie/win the game. If the game is tied at 12+, continue playing turns until one team has a higher score.

Flimsee Rules.