Another charity event!

The original Winterfest was in 1985 and a small group of Central New Yorkers decided it was time celebrate. 35 years later it has grown to a size of over 100,000 visitors and well over 100 different events. The Yard Games Coalition has a similar story, but on a MUCH smaller scale. A group of friends from Central New York wanted to create something fun to bring people together. We can only hope that some day we reach a fraction of the success that Winterfest has had. For us at YGC, this seemed like a perfect match as well as another opportunity to help out another awesome organization in the Helping Hounds Dog Rescue.

We are thrilled to be joining "Syracuse's Coolest Tradition" at the Syracuse Winterfest 2020. For $30 teams of 2 will be participating in a variety yard game tournament while also helping a great cause. Proceeds will go to Helping Hounds Dog Rescue. The games are Cornhole, Brubag, Ladder Golf, Kan Jam, and Rampshot. Cash and other prizes to top teams!

When: February 23rd

Where: Syracuse's Inner Harbor

Cost: $30 per team of 2

Proceeds benefit Helping Hounds Dog Rescue.

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Winterfest Helping hounds Tourney

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